Android Studio to ionic / De Android Studio a ionic

Hi / Hola,

The first is to clarify that speak Spanish and use a translator of google chrome to see the forum and google translator to add a comment. Sorry for my English.

My problem was to create an app using “Android Studio” and you know you have to create a key, which has the extension “jks” (Example: my-app.jks), but when I create an app for ionic be creates a key with the extension “keystore” (Example: my-release-key.keystore). All this is mounted on Google Play.

When trying to update my app I’ll have problems if I want to switch to ionic ???

Spanish: Mi problema esta en que cree una app usando “Android Studio” y ustedes saben que uno tiene que crear una clave, la cual tiene la extension “jks” (Ejemplo: my-app.jks), pero cuando creo una app para ionic se crea una clave con la extension “keystore” (Ejemplo: my-release-key.keystore). Todo esto esta montado en Google Play.

Al intentar actualizar mi app voy a tener problemas si deseo cambiarme a ionic???

You will not have any problem you just need to create your Ionic project with the same package name of your Android project. (hope I’m right)

Muchas gracias amigo (Thank you very much friend)

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Yes you are right and when he wants to sign and update your apk you just need the old keystore , alias name and your password