Refactoring from an old java app and release to play store


I have an “old” app written in java available on the play store. I just finished writing a “new” app with ionic (v3).
I want to release my “new” app on the play store, but don’t want to create a totally new app on the store , I just want to update the old app. What steps should I follow, where I have to define the name of the package, how to sign the apk if I have a sign key…

Without experience…

but I think the same package name in config.xml and assure the signage is done with the same keystore


Thanks for your answer.
I am totally new to ionic. Could you please detail all the steps (and the commands) to sign my apk if I have a keystore.
Thanks a lot!

How did u publish last time?

And google has good docs itself on how to publish

Use that one too

Google is really your best friend here