Build android --prod --release error with latest cli

  • Before updating to ionic@latest, I was building this way :

ionic build android --prod --release --keystore=“plus2malongo.keystore” --storePassword=“kataru” --password=“kataru”`

During the build, I was asked again my two passwords (why??) in a popover, and it was OK

  • I generated a new blank project, pasted my keystore file and in the platform/android folder, then

ionic cordova build android --prod --release --keystore=“plus2malongo.keystore” --storePassword=“kataru” --password=“kataru”`

Now I am not asked my passwords, but there is an error :
Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect

What is the problem?? Is it in my file :



Here is a little workaround: How to automatically sign android applications with the Ionic CLI

But please create also an issue here:


Storing the passwords in the file made the job. Thanks !
I’ll create the issue anyway.


I would recommend changing that password, now that it’s been posted to the internet.