Android browse video and upload to youtube?

Can anyone help me, i need to build an android app, that can browse my video and upload to youtube ?

you need youtube api for that
For browsing you need to take input text from the user and make calls to the api and get the json and structure the json

Yup, I followed that instruction but, i use typescript, google Youtube Data API just guide me to use node.js (Java) , and i can’t use it :frowning:

In which platform are you developing the application
java or ionic?

If it is java i cant help

In the case of ionic you have to create providers for api calls
and use that providers wherever you want

I have nothing to do with Java, i use Ionic 2 :slight_smile:

Ok great!

What kind of help do you want?

Yes, I build an android app with Ionic 2 - Typescript. Can I browse and choose one video clip in my device and upload it to youtupe ?
The tutorial of Google Youtube API just code in node.js, not Typescript :((

You need to get an api key in api console google and activate youtube service

And you need the send the requests

Yes, I had API Key, Client_ID … just don’t know how to code in Typescript :slight_smile:

Maybe your help is significant now, thank you, if i complete this task, i’ll write a tutorial for our forum :slight_smile:

I hope you know the difference between Java and JavaScript.
Futhermore you can use everything that you can use in JS in typescript and TS gets compiled to JS.

But how can I use JS in Typescript ?
Ex : var fs = require(‘fs’); <-- error in Typescript

No the require command does not work in typescript as far as I am concerned.

And please use the JavaScript version not the node.js version unless you are on a server.

Yes, but the javascript version won’t work on ionic html form, I tested. Are we going to dead end ?

What does not work? we can’t help you when we don’t know anything about your problem.

I paste the the javascript and html from google tutorial but nothing show
up, even 1 button to browse. Just a white page.

You give no code. You make it sound as though you expect copypaste to work. Have you read any of the official Typescript documentation? This thread reads as though someone really wants to help you, and you can’t be bothered to do any work. You won’t get any useful advice if you post no code, and you won’t understand anything we tell you if you do no reading.