Upload video on youtube

Can we use youtube as server for upload video from ionic app? if yes then how we can do that? Please Help

Thanks for your reply but my question is I want to give an option to users that they upload video on my personal channel which is on youtube through app. I want to know how to connect the upload facility direct on to youtube instead of embedding video. Many Thanks…

Thats also somewhere there, but keep in mind that you might not want to have your youtube credentials in your app - like everybody with a zip program could extract them easily.

Also how would you prevent this channel from getting striked when someone uploads sth inapropriate like … say porn. Or videos that can get you in real trouble like childporn.

But if you are safe from this, because you make not a public app, here you are:

Got it Thank you so much dear you just raise a valid point it was not in my mind Many Thanks Dear.

Syed M Umer

Dear i have one more question can we stop to upload the porn or abusing videos? Basically i am creating the video app and i have no such resources to afford my own server because it’s too expensive. Their is any alternate of youtube server where we can upload the videos or can we implement the approve method before uploading the video on youtube? please help because i am really stuck init. Many Thanks…

When it’s a service for that purpose you can include a disclaimer in your app with that you distance yourself from the content - thats not easy when its your youtube account.
I don’t know the best way to upload video, but I think digitalocean spaces (5 bucks/month for 250 gb) or amazon s3 for storing is good - I don’t know if it’s that quick to upload/download - I have no experience in setting up your own “youtube”. Maybe I have more ideas when you tell me more about the purpose(are you creating a chat/ video platform/ meme platform or sth completly different?)

scaleable virtual servers are not that expensive. I have one on Digitalocean the cheapest plan with 512mb ram and one 1cpu core, 20gb ssd. also 5 bucks a month (plus another 19% german VAT)( but I have not the resource hungriest app [text based only a handfull users at the moment]) for testing its enough.

maybe you could look into firebase, thats free for some storage and you can upgrade if you need to.

yup video platform and thanks for everything you are really awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Then you should have some unique points if you want to compete it the market.
When you currently have no money for your own servers you could build a prototype of your app using your computer to run your server - an then search a sponsor or do crowdfunding. You need some server structure for a video platform - which totally could and should also be a service on a cloud hosting platform ( alone because of their fast connection, you can rent structure as you need, pay per hour and choose the location from server centers spread all around the world.) such as amazon aws(you need a credit card), google cloud platform, digital ocean(on digitalocean you can use paypal and have prepaid but you have not that much extra serverless services like aws does).
Im sure there are tutorials out there on how to setup your own video platform.

Otherwise, when you really can’t afford a server, you could use a blockchain like D-tube or you could even make an app for D-tube I think.

But when this is you first app, I would recommend you to pick first an easier project because this could took ages.

Thank you so much for suggestions very informative. I have seen the Amazon
and digitalocean packages and I think I can afford digitalocean because it
free for 2 months but I have never use them before so tell me which one is
good for video hosting because the speed is the matter for video apps. If
you have any knowledge about speed then tell me which one is better?

Im sorry that i can’t give you the best advice, because I haven’t done a video platform yet. (My current app works only with textfiles at the moment and I’m implementing image upload at the moment).

If you want you can try digitalocean trial period and test how it performs.(You have nothing to lose)

I think there are better solutions out there, but i would first do more reaserch and test some things to get allitle bit experience.

I found this with a quick google search: https://www.quora.com/How-could-I-build-a-video-hosting-service

But you also need good marketing and money for a good server structure if you want to be successful with your platform (I would recomend getting others to join your team, cause thats a pretty big project for only one person.)

Conclusion just try the free trial and see if it works good enough.

PS: you should compress/encode the video before uploading later you can add a server to your backend that encodes them into different solutions in the background if needed. and check the connection speed on the client to decide which video versien/resolution to load.

yas of-course its a big project. I need every thing perfect for it. And
yeah sure complete your search and test it by yourself if you can but for
testing its good initiative to try for free. Basically I belongs from Asia
and I know the worth of my app it will belongs to the locals as well and
android is highly rate platform here. So in start we will survive but in
future we will need every thing perfect. Fast loading and comperaion etc
etc. Many Thanks… you are always informative