Using OAuth 2.0 for Google (Youtube) API with Ionic


I am trying to implement Google’s YouTube API V3 on my Ionic application but I cannot.

So far I have tried 2 different methods without success:

  1. Use Google APIs Node.js Client. I followed this tutorial:

However it does not work and according to my research it was not intended for Ionic.

  1. Create a URL as shown here:

I then open it with InAppBrowser, the authorization process does this by opening the browser and it retrieves the access token, however, it requires a “Redirect URL” and I have to put a URL, I can’t find no way to return to the application WITH the token which has been added in the URL.

Maybe neither is right, I don’t know.

Any ideas ?
Thank you

  1. Use OAuth 2.0 for Mobile & Desktop Apps :

But i don’t understant Custom URI scheme only my id app doesnt work