Alarm Clock with Ionic and Cordova


Hey there,

I wanted to programm an Alarm Clock with Ionic and Cordova, but i have a few probelems with this task.

First of all im completly new to Ionic and Cordova. So the first question I have is, should I use Ionic 3 or 4?

Are there some tutorials I can use? Is it even possible to make a working Alarm Clock? Or only in JavaScript?

Hope you can help me with this rare informations.


If you are starting out now, definitely Ionic 4.

Did you find any via Google?

Depends on what the requirements of this “Alarm Clock” are. For example, if it should just show the words “This is an Alarm Clock”, then definitely yes.

What do you mean by that? Ionic uses Typescript via Angular.


Ups. Yeah I meant Typescript.

The idea was that the app makes an alarm tone.
That the smartphone vibrates.
Flashlight or screens flashs up.
and so on


Actually there are no any examples or tutorial how to create alarm app with ionic. I think this native API like play sound on background doesn’t allow. Local notifications tutorial are allover but push notification is not an alarm