Alarm in ionic 4

I want to make alarm functionality in my ionic 4 app right now I am using local notification plugin but its not working properly. Please provide me any solution
//let time = this.alarm.alarmTime.split(’:’);

let alarmtime = new Date();
let notification:any = {
  title: 'upcoming alarm',
  text: 'alarm',
  trigger: { every:{ hour: 17, minute: 50} },
  //trigger: { every: { hour: 10, minute: 12 },firstAt: alarmtime},
  sound: true,
console.log("scheduled or not", this.localNotification.isScheduled(1))


same problem here. if you find any solution for the alarm controller then please inform me.

need a solution for this

In case people still have this problem, you can use the Capacitor version of the LocalNotifications now (I linked Capacitor v2, but v3 was just released too).

It now uses schedule and not trigger.

Two other things to keep in mind:

  1. LocalNotifications.schedule returns a promise so you’ll either need to await on it or use .then.
  2. You need to ask permission to use notifications now, so you need to call LocalNotifications.requestPermission (which also returns a promise with granted being true or false).

It wasn’t until I got all of these right that I could see the notification show up.

Good luck!