Is is possible to do a Alarm app using Ionic?

Hey everybody!

I’m trying to write a Alarm app using Ionic but it is not working and I don’t have any idea why. Did somebody here already used cordova-plugin-wakeuptimer? This looked like the best option to help with my alarm but I’m testing on my iPhone and it never fired a alarm.

My code is quite simple:

.factory('Alarm', function($q) {
  return {
    set: function() {
      var d = new Date();

      // set wakeup timer
        // a list of alarms to set
          alarms: [{
            type: 'onetime',
            time: {
              hour: d.getHours(),
              // adding a alarm for the next minute
              minute: d.getMinutes() + 1
            extra: {
              message: 'json containing app-specific information to be posted when alarm triggers'
            message: 'Alarm has expired!'

      // example of a callback method
      var successCallback = function(result) {
        if (result.type === 'wakeup') {
          console.log('wakeup alarm detected--' + result.extra);
        } else if (result.type === 'set') {
          console.log('wakeup alarm set--' + result);
        } else {
          console.log('wakeup unhandled type (' + result.type + ')');

      var errorCallback = function(err) {
        console.log('Error ', err);

.controller('DemoCtrl', function($scope, Alarm) {
  $scope.setAlarm = function() {

First I thought it was a foreground/background issue but I tried both and nothing worked. Than I looked the logs on xCode and it was printing:

2016-04-05 21:53:40.071 HelloCordova[1406:831180] "2016-04-06T00:53:40.055Z"
2016-04-05 21:53:40.071 HelloCordova[1406:831180] scheduling wakeups...
2016-04-05 21:53:40.089 HelloCordova[1406:831180] cancelling existing alarm notification
2016-04-05 21:53:40.090 HelloCordova[1406:831180] scheduling a new alarm local notification for 2016-04-06 00:54:00 +0000
2016-04-05 21:53:40.090 HelloCordova[1406:831180] setting alarm...
2016-04-05 21:53:40.090 HelloCordova[1406:831180] THREAD WARNING: ['WakeupPlugin'] took '18.985840' ms. Plugin should use a background thread.

So… It is logging the date correctly, creating the alarm but nothing happened after the time is up. Any ideas?

Hello @ivosantiago , I tried your code but nothing is happening
can you help me out in this :slight_smile:


Please use this plugin

its working.