Creating alarm clock app

Anyone with any idea on how to start creating an Alarm clock app using Ionic 2-3 ??
I found one example on this link- but its in ionic 1 and I have no idea of Ionic 1…

If anyone has worked on it ,please help me too.

Hi vithika,

the code that is inside the controllers should work.

Hi Vithika,

I am looking for the same.

Did you got any solution?


Hope this helps -


Thanks for the quick response, i have check with apk file but it doesnt work in android 8.1.0 is there any quick fix for this? I am using Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Hey there.

Is there a solution for this task?

I tryed the link from Vithika and did some coding, so that the app will work in Ionic 4, but now the notifications doesnt work.

The app will be just for me, no commercial use.

Hey Guys.
How to create my app forever running like alarm in ionic4.
Please Help me.