Advice on bringing webpack build back from the dead

so I got pretty far with Ionic beta.10-11 on an app. Build toolchain was webpack 1.13.2, heavily influenced by my work with angular 2 desktop apps. I’m very familiar with how to use NgModule so I figured there would just be a handy IonicModule (and I was right for once) that I would suck into my base AppModule and not much else would change.

But it looks like ionic team has decided to once again switch up their build tool of choice i.e. Rollup is the shiny new toy and unfortunately I can’t get anything to build or run successfully anymore with my old Webpack 1.13.2 approach :confused:

Just get lots of cryptic warnings from webpack, and once webpack-dev-server loads up the app I get a blank screen and the dreaded “Cannot find module ‘@angular/core’.” error. I’m on latest version of node/npm btw so I don’t think it’s that.

I noticed the tsconfig.json included in the ionic starter apps is now target es2015 modules, but even if I switch that over to ‘commonjs’ everything still basically works.

Clueless…sigh…anybody have a theory as to what I need to do here?? My theory is webpack just isn’t resolving some of the dependencies I need anymore but hell if I know why…I mean it’s Webpack >.< nuff said

anybody have the Ionic 2 RC0 running with a Webpack 1.13.2 build right now? I really don’t wanna have to start over and introduce a new build tool (Rollup) just to do a hybrid app

UPDATE: I see I’m not the only one dealing with this -->

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Just an update…I ended up moving everything over to webpack 2

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Could you please share a skeleton of webpack configuration? I’m going to move to it as well and an example will be very helpful.

I’ll see what I can do…so hard to come up with a “skeleton” when dealing with webpack :confused:

I’ll pull down one of the starter apps and port it over to webpack 2.0.0-beta.25. God willing I’ll get it running