Custom build process with webpack 2

Soo the @ionic/app-scripts weren’t what i expected when they said were going to implement Webpack, so i’ve decided to implement my own build process, however there’s a few things idk how to do, ionic (run|build) (android|ios) are a mistery for me, idk how would i integrate that with webpack, anyone can tell me how’s the best way to deal with it?

Update 1:
After looking a bit more i think i’ll just replace the npm scripts build and watch with webpack commands, that should replace the ionic-app-scripts build process.

Have a look at my ionic2-webpack2-starter, although it’s still experimental. The Cordova CLI can do all the mobile-related stuff.

Oh yeah i remember, you told me about @ngtools/webpack, yours seems like a simple config with a few complex stuff like the context replacement plugin, like the extract text plugin push when in prod, have you looked the angular2-webpack-starter? i have a fork with offline plugin working if you would like to take it as reference.

Btw what does that context replacement plugin in your webpack config?

I’m aware of the AngularClass starter (and a few others like the preboot one) but I wanted to create one from scratch to understand exactly how it works.

The ContextReplacementPlugin bit is because otherwise you get a weird warning; see angular/angular#11580

I’ve been playing with the AngularClass one for quite a while so i understand most of it, i’ll stick to simple stuff as much as i can, yet i’ll use theirs as an example.