Getting a build running with custom webpack.config

So recently there has been a lot of threads about Webpack/Rollup and ionic RC(x).

I have NO clue how to get my project updated to a later version of Angular, I’ve tried various approaches.

  • Using ionic-app-scripts <- these seemed to be incompatible with my webpack.config, not sure why though it “could not be read” Might continue with this
  • Updating current dependencies so I’ve just updated Angular2 dependencies and ionic-angular to RC3. This seems to do stuff, except that my webpack.bundle has the contents of es2015 .js barrel files. These should obviously be handled differently but I can’t get it to compile to any kind of usefull js.
    I’ve tried changing the tsconfig target to es2015 etc. but that all does not help only gives me more errors with handling .json and other js/ files.

Is there any sensible guides for people who have worked with webpack? I’ve got quite some logic in my webpack.config which I need to have this project make any sense (it’s loading various config settings and styling depending on some provided flags etc.

:’( so heartbroken.