How to add active background color to link when touched

I want to add a active status to all my link, for example make background color brighter so that user can notice its been clicked on, what is the best way to do this? I tried css like this:


But this only works on Chrome, and on my phone it doesn’t react fast enough to show the active background, it only shows the active background when I touch and hold it.

For that, try this instead



The code doesn’t seem to be working.

Yeah, codepen has been acting up. Try visiting the page through http instead of https

I think I have performance issue with my code. trying to make it work on tabs, and when touch the screen the activated effect works randomly, but if I hold it a little longer it will work. Also the tab switch experience a small delay, it doesn’t work very well if I switch quickly between tabs.

The active background colour won’t work If I tap the screen fast enough.

I’m having the same issue. If I hold my finger on the item it will activate however if I do a quick tap nothing appears.

tried but not working on touch laptop or android phone, please help