About real time apps

i want to build real time app , and i need advices brothers i have 2 question
does user posts with image and some lines , could be stored in firebase database ?
does chat application user contact each other , " not groups " i mean send direct message to user trought app " it possbile by firebase ?

So what Im getting here is you want to create a real-time chat application that allows users to send and receive attachments such as images alongside messages.

If that is the case then yes firebase will meet your needs. Firebase makes it extremely easy to create a chat application and can be extended to have attachments aswell.

See here and here for more information on adding attachments within firebase.

Bro i’m asking also to save user posts per exemple
user say
i have car for sale
car information : bla bla bla
xxxxx :
xxxxxxxxx :
xxxx :
image 1

u understand be that can be used with firebase ?

Hi Yassinboss,

If you look at the two links in my last message you will see that yes you can upload/download images and text with firebase. How you present the information is up to you.

so saving text is possible with firebase ?

Firebase can be used to save text yes.

do you try it before bro :sunny: ?

I have used firebase to create a real-time chat application before yes. I never tried embedding images as it was only an exercise but the documentation is quite clear that it is possible.