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Hi All, I have created a sample chat application using and Ionic. I want to integrate that with Firebase. Is there any way to do that?

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What part of your chat do you want to “integrate” to Firebase then?

If you use there may not be much of a need to use Firebase. Usually the goal with Firebase, especially with chat apps is to use Firebase instead of something like

For example, you can store all the data in Firebase and then on all the clients use the firebase observable to grab data back in real time – thus eliminating the need for something like This works quite elegantly and even handles brief internet disconnects well.

I’d be glad to provide examples if you need them, otherwise please let us know specifically what you wish to integrate.

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I have developed one chat application which is not a real time one, where sending and pushing messages from and to firebase is like API calls. Could you please help me to make it real time?

@anandraj1411 this is already easy to do with Firebase. The idea of using Firebase with AngularFire (you can use an alternate Firebase library too) - is to facilitate real time communication.

An easy way to do this, for example is to create a firebase object when your app loads, subscribe to it’s data and when firebase updates occur the object automatically updates including all references to it - this is very real time.

Can you share any document link for that?

Google search: firebase live chat

Second result:

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And btw.
On the website of you can find an working example with source code which you can use if you’d like to work with only.