Chat Ionic and Firebase

Hi guys!

Someone can give me and example?

I need a simple chatm only for send messages 1 to 1

What did you look at already?
What do you have in Firebase?

I saw that firebase is good options with your datebase un real time. But i don’t know if it’s the best option. And too, i need and example with firebase and ionic 3.

Did you google for “ionic firebase chat” already?

Yep, but no free example :frowning:


Almost all results are all complete projects on Github:

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Thx man! Let me see!

1 - works, but code is obsolete i think.
2, 3 - without TS, only JS
4 - dont run, this error: ‘webpackJsonp’ is undefined
5 - only code, and have errors
6 - error too: TypeError: AppScripts.serve is not a function

:frowning: i will try used it for help me. Thnx!

Hi @NurGuz , did you found a helpful solution? I’m as well looking for a simple chat solution. Thx.