Nfc + ionic + vue + capacitor

I am creating an application with Ionic + Vue + Capacitor and I want to implement NFC for IOS and Android, in the documentation I have nothing about it.
I’ve looked at lots of libraries that use Cordova and there’s nothing with Capacitor.
Can anyone help?

I just found this package - GitHub - capawesome-team/capacitor-nfc: ⚡️ Capacitor plugin for reading and writing NFC tags.

Looks like it is still under development but currently available via Sponsorware.

It is still in development and you have to become a sponsor of them to be able to use it.

Yeah, I did mention that :slight_smile: Looking at the plugin page though, it appears mostly developed and can be used if you sponsor. Open source doesn’t always mean free. The maintainers do need to provide for themselves so if you are able to sponsor, it seems like a win-win :grinning:

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