A Simple Music App Starter


Here is a starter I just created for music apps. The player is fully functional, and it currently pulls data from the iTunes API.

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Excellent, I will add it to my list :smile:


it seems there is some C++ in it?


You mean objective C?


yes objective-C, sorry


The starter itself does not contain any objective C, I just made a note that if you wanted the app to play audio in the background on the actual device that you would need to add some native code.


Cool! IS it possible to incorporate this into an existing application I’m designing?


What do you think about this

Ever wanted to build your own Spotify?
upload your music and let your friends and family enjoy

it is your Spotify

Spotify Clone App
Fully Functional


Ionic View: 97973191

.Music Player
.Video Player
.Firebase Realtime Database
.Follow Artist + counter
.Like Songs + counter
.Custom Playlists
.Popular Songs Albums and Singers based on user experiences
.Search Songs Singers and Albums
.Notification Music Control
.Player Background Effect
.Mini Player In Every Page Of The App
.Shuffle Singer, Album or Playlist
.Angular2 backend Admin Panel powered by Firebase