A simple microblogging example - using Ionic with Loopback backend

i was looking for a easy solution to create a backend service for Ionic and found Loopster.io. After understanding the basics it was very easy to set up a simple demo app.
When I started to learn Ionic i was looking for an example to show something like this but I could`t find one.
So I decided to share my implementation. You can find the source code here:



Good job! Not sure why nobody replied to this… It’s an awesome combo. Loopback is (arguably) the best backend an Ionic app could have. I was also looking for a detailed example like this one so… thank you sooo much for sharing it!

Hi @belibasakis,
Good job for making example using ionic and loopster. But as beginner, i still don’t understand how loopster.io doing as a backend service.
Where loopster.io store our data? Is loopster.io just like another cloud service such as parse, firebase or google cloud endpoints?
Thks for ur explanation.

Thank you for the feedback,
Loopback is a Node.js Framework to create RestAPI so you can run it e.g on your computer. It’s like Parse/Firebase with the difference that you take care of the hosting. In this example the data is stored in memoryDb.json but you could use MySQL or MongoDB to store the data. Take a look at the documentation or this presentation to see how it works.

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Hey man, really awesome job what you are doing here.

Thanks a lot for sharing this project.

great example thanks for sharing, could this be adapted to use the Isomorphic Loopback for offline persistence of some models with the Ionic framework?