300ms delay on tap for Android in nightly beta 13?


I’m using the nightly beta 13 837.
I haven’t updated to the latest (895) since it seems to have some issues, reading the dedicated post.

On iOS (iphone 6), switching between tabs or clicking on a ion-item is immediate. => really great
I’m using collection-repeat for my items list.

However, on Android (Samsung S5), there’s some kind of visible delay. (300ms ?)
Is there a special treatment for Android regarding Ionic?

Is there a way to improve response time?

Thanks a lot

Hey @Mik378, I just tested this with the nightly builds and wasn’t able to get a delay.

It may be due to the collection repeat. Can you post a codepen?


Actually, the delay was due to a ng-if relatively costly that I didn’t notice in time.
The whole is faster now.

Thanks a lot.

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