1.1.1 release!

Ionic 1.1.1

Download Instructions: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic#quick-start

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1.1.1 “yttrium-yeti” (2015-11-05)

Bug Fixes

  • browser: ios9 location patch (e5b85df)
  • ionContent: fix scroll sizing with native scrolling and pull-to-refresh (3ab9eaf)
  • ionRadio: fix adjacent selectors that break in iOS9 (11232d4)
  • ionSlideBox: prevent $animate from cause a delay when removing slides and slide-pagers (98ccc9d)
  • ios9: uiwebview patch (c2822e7)
  • popup: make popups play nice with other async popups (6101d4b)


  • meteor: add Meteor support
  • navView: support ControllerAs syntax for ion-nav-views