1.0.0-beta.9 "gadolinium-gator" released!

1.0.0-beta.9 “gadolinium-gator” (2014-07-02)

Download Instructions: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/#manual-start

This release features animation improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • collectionRepeat: fix scroll when item bigger than viewport (b2585f19, closes #1621)
  • footerBar: fixed top border position on retina displays. (f4043e67, closes #1661)
  • gestureDirectives: fix problem with event being passed in (b4b94073)
  • header: add iOS 8 support to iOS header fix. assumes all iOS will have 7 style headers. (4a2296dc, closes #1625)
  • headerBar: scroll to top (6eefee3d)
  • listItem: apply color styles to complex list items (9ff1b965)
  • menu: safari z-index fix for .menu .scroll-content (754ef461, closes #1408)
  • modal: remove iOS style header padding from inset headers in modal popups on iPad in po (e6dda6a5, closes #1605)
  • popup: if popup is taller than the window, shrink the popup body and make it scrollable (3e6ce183, closes #1679)
  • radio: suport ng-disabled. (704fe402, closes #1684)
  • scroll: safari scroll content height (96b2243f)
  • scrollController: allow tab $historyId to remember scroll (9b601b55, closes #1654)
  • scrollView: clonedInputs get placeholder text if any (f2f55199)
  • sliderView: find width properly when element is transformed (86ce4806, closes #1313)
  • tap: get containing label of deeply nested element (2e3b8546, closes #1643)

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