Youtube 360° embedding not working

Hi all!

So I’m currently trying to embed a Youtube 360° in my app. I got the embedding to work thanks to this thread.

I can play the video, but the VR-mode is not enabled, nor can I enable it. It does not let me look around by moving my device and instead shows me the whole 360° on the screen at once.

Does anyone know if iOS web view supports this? Or does anyone have experience with this or happen to know how to do this?
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: This was tested on iOS.

According to the google VR embed guide ""Supported platforms

VR view handles almost all of the difficult and time-consuming work required to ensure compatibility across all modern browsers and mobile operating systems with one exception: 360 videos do not work in a browser on iOS." this will apply to a webview like ionic on iOS as well.