Cordova / ionic VR plugin - Photo 360 Video 360 Player with Cardboard

Cordova / ionic VR plugin is a Cordova plugin that allows you to play 360 videos or panoramic photos in a Cordova based app, with native performances.

The main features of the plugin are:

  • Streams your 360 content with native performances.
  • Supports Fullscreen mode and Cardboard mode for both videos and photos.
  • Supports playing both local files and remote resources (online).
  • Supports mono or stereo format for both photos and videos.
  • Supports Android 4.4 or greater and iOS 8.0 or greater.
  • Currently supports only smartphones, not tablets.
  • Based on Google VR view native library.

The plugin is available on Envato Market.

Plugin website

Plugin documentation

iOS sample app on AppStore

Android sample app on PlayStore

What do you think about?

Its a great plugin.
I am searching few options in it.

  1. Disable drag movement
  2. initiate the video from a certain x-axis position

Hi @satyajeetbiswas0542 unfortunately the plugin does not support these features.

hello, im trying to create a 360° image using android phones, is your plugging able to do it? if integrated with ionic app?

I’m sorry but the plugin can only display 360 images, you can’t use it to create 360 images.

are you developing this plugin any further? Will there be an option to play VR youtube videos?