"You have already authorized..." page when using Facebook Native Authentication

I am writing an app using Facebook Native Authentication to allow my users to login to my app with Facebook.
It works ok but there is one thing that is a little bit annoying:
When the user choses to sign in with Facebook (and FacebookAuth.login() is called) a page with title “Confirm” and text “You have already authorized [App Name]” and “Cancel” and “OK” buttons.

I would prefer if this page is not shown at all so that the user can sign into the app without extra pages being displayed.
What is the best way to prevent it from being displayed?

I know that there is a function getLoginStatus in Facebook from ionic-native. And I can call it to see if the user has approved facebook login already.
However I cannot find a way to use this information to sign in into Auth and User from @ionic/cloud-angular (that I am using currently).



Did you ever make any progress on this issue?

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I don’t see the annoying window with the text “You have already authorized [App Name]” anymore so I don’t have the problem anymore.

Did you need to change your implementation, or did the problem go away after a library or module update?