Can't get authentication with Facebook work

after trying many times with the native Facebook authentication (all the plugins fail :frowning: ) now I’v just uploaded my app to the Ionic Framework, and I’d like to use its built-in authentication.
I followed the tutorial, and put the code in my existing app.

This is my LogIn function

    this.LoginWithFb = function() 
         Ionic.Auth.login('facebook', {'remember': true})
                        if (response.authResponse) 
                            { ... }
                        else if (response.status === 'not_authorized') 
                            { ... }
                        { alert(error); }
                   ) .catch(function(err)

However, when I call it to register/login, the Facebook page appear, with a message like : "you are not logged in: Log in and try again"
but it’s just what I am trying to do…
What’s the problem there?