Ionic Auth status for $ionicFacebookAuth?

Hello I’m using Ionic v1 to build my app and I use the Auth service of the doc. For the simple Auth, there is a function “$ionicAuth.isAuthenticated()” to check the auth status. But for facebook native login, I don’t see anywhere something like that !

I tried $ionicFacebookAuth.isAuthenticated() but it doesn’t work

Someone know how to check ?


try using facebook plugin for facebook auhentication

Which plugin ?
So you saying follow the instructions of the docs of ionic is wrong ?

Why do they have a doc so :sweat:?

Nop I never said don’t follow the instruction in ionic document. I too faced a lot of trouble in getting facebook authentication so I switched my self to a lot of plugins available for facebook login to your ionic application, providing some links for your reference I have managed using these links only.