Xcode simulator device list is empty

No matter what I try I can’t get access to the Xcode simulators from my ionic/cordova project. Xcode Command Line Tool is installed.

cordova run ios --list


Available ios devices:

Available ios virtual devices:

ionic cordova emulate ios --list


Available ios virtual devices:

I have all the simulators in Xcode and it’s working fine when Im opening the project in Xcode and run the simulators manually.

The consequence of this is that I cant run my app with livereload from the terminal:

ionic cordova emulate --livereload ios -- --buildFlag="-UseModernBuildSystem=0" --target="iPhone-X, 12.1"


Device id for device name “iPhone X” and runtime “iOS 12.1” could not be found, or is not available.

How do I progress from here? :expressionless:

I had same issue here, seems to be caused by ios-sim old version inside cordova since Xcode update 10.2

Best workaround I found to fix this problem is (quick&dirty):

cd cd platforms/ios/cordova && npm install ios-sim@latest

Keep in mind that with this fix you have to do it everytime you install ios platform on your project.

If not wait for cordova update :skull:

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