XCode 9.1 released

Typically the kind of update I miss, so if you are like me, Xcode 9.1 was released on October 31th


hi there,
version 9.2 is out now.
I am still on Xcode 8, but I need to update to version 9 as my test iPhone is on iOS11.
Did you experience any problem with Xcode 9?
The reviews on the App Store are dreadful, and I already had a bad experience when I updated from 7 to 8.

Is it safe???


No problem at all, but also note I almost never have problem with Xcode

thanks! that s great to know!

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@mattvig just remember, first time you gonna pair your iphone with Xcode after the upgrade, you may not find it

but no worries, if it happens, it just need to be paired again. you could follow my answer on stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/a/46420487/5404186 to solve this

I just upgrade to Xcode 9.3, so I guess I could close this post :wink: