Writing user-accessible log files - where?

I’d like to set up a logging system so that users can send more useful bug reports along with app-written logs. My plan is for them to find the logs files easily and email them to me manually. This is for users I cam in direct contact with, but do no have a great deal of technical experience, and certainly no access to Xcode or Android Studio.

I believe I can write a service that will append to a file correctly and record all the things I think are useful, but I am stuck as to where to write that file.

it looks the the documentsDirectory is a good place for iOS, since it is visible in iTunes (on MacOS) and presumably there is a Windows way of accessing them too. But what about for Android, the directories seem centred on external storage and I have no idea if the users will have that set up.

I went with the capacitor plugin and the ‘Documents’ directory. On Android I can find the files using the Files app that came preinstalled. On iOS I had to add these two settings to my info.plist and then the Files app showed the file and iTunes on my Mac shows them too.


why try and reinvent the wheel when it’s already created? Users are not going to send crash logs, it’s too much of a hassle. Use sentry instead:

We have dedicated users on the line, they’re going to be sending crash reports to me personally.