Capacitor Filesystem alternative to "cordova.file.dataDirectory "

According to the docs, FilesystemDirectory.Data will use the Documents directory on iOS.

We have a couple of questions:

  • on iOS, what is the difference between Documents and Data directory? By looking at the docs, all the options say “On iOS it will use the Documents directory” no matter what we choose. Same goes for External and ExternalStorage .
  • since we are migrating from Cordova, what is the alternative for cordova.file.dataDirectory in Capacitor? On iOS, cordova.file.dataDirectory is the library-nosync folder, see GitHub - apache/cordova-plugin-file: Apache Cordova Plugin file
    We also need access to iOS /tmp/ directory, which would be cordova.file.tempDirectory

Thanks for your help

No replies so we have to assume currently we need to stick with Cordova :confused:

Did you find out the solution maybe?

We are sticking to cordova file plugin, no other options so far