Working with BIG json


So I have a .json file that contains about 10.000 items (about 120.000 rows).
What I do is on load I store the data in localstorage then load it from thereā€¦ but the app crashes every single time :wink:

I understand why, the json is used in 2 tabs and consumes a lot of memory.

Any suggestions how to solve this?


use cordova sqllite plugin or something like pouchdb or anything else using websql :wink:


Iā€™m currently using localForageā€¦ so when running the app in browser IndexedDB is usedā€¦ not sure what is actually used when running on the iPhone/emulatorā€¦

But you still suggest that I change it?


maybe websql is not used, so i would use another techologie.


Any tips on what to use? :smile:


like i saidā€¦ cordova sqlite plugin or pouchdb which uses websql i think.


Did some research and found out that there is a driver for localForage for SQLite :smile:


is localforage limited by the max size of localStorage (10 mb I think)?


Wellā€¦ if the limit is reached then user can be promted to allow additional 10MB