Searching LARGE local JSON file, other file formats - advice

My app framework will consist of a rather large JSON file containing approx 15,000 rows of with 5 fields each. Total size looks like approx 2.5 to 3 MB.

Just an FYI to set the tone I’m not a neck deep developer (former old school mainframe guy)…I typically look for tutorials relative to coding need then stare at them long enough so I can understand what’s happening…I’ve done some development with the MobiOne (Genuitec) tool coupled with some basic custom JavaScript. I am however new to IONIC, Cordova, etc and understand some fundamental AngularJS.

So, with all that out of the way, I’m seeking advice regarding the approach to search the data “efficiently”. Am I implementing the correct file type? Are there other formats I should consider? I do need the data to be local to the device so it can be searched off-line.

I have done some experimenting with example JSON tutorials I’ve found on the internet. Before I get too deep into this I’d like to get some feedback from those who have gone there before me with more experience.

I do best with examples so If you have examples or point me to some I can stare at for a few hours that would be great.

Thanks in advance for your advice and guidence

I’ve had some good results with Lokijs. It’s a in-memory database that persists on the device with the help of an adapter. Here is a tutorial that might help you.

PS. You might want to consider using collection-repeat in your templates, i’ve tried a lot of ways of displaying a lot of data, all of them failed.