SQLite driver for localforage

I am using the localforage plugin to store locally. I selected it based on an article by @joshmorony here http://www.joshmorony.com/a-summary-of-local-storage-options-for-phonegap-applications. However, it is also mentioned that it’s better to make localforage use SQLite to avoid space limitations.

I am trying to setup the SQLite driver plugin ( https://github.com/thgreasi/localForage-cordovaSQLiteDriver ) but without much success. I wouldn’t want to change much my project and would like to stick with localforage as saving objects directly is really great. But I need to make sure I have enough space.

Could someone provide any help regarding making localforage use SQLite in Ionic ?
Thanks in advance!

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Got trouble with this as well. Hard to understand anything with the many similar but different examples out there.

Furthermore it seems like in the browser SQLite isn’t used and falls back to my second driver of choice, IndexedDB…