Working on a specialized device - GPS

Hello! I have the following question (maybe too basic), can I use capacitrot/ionic to develop an app that will work on a GPS device, not on a phone. The device supports Android 12 or higher. Will there be problems when working with GPS, compass and other sensors?

“The GPS supports Android 12 or higher”, that sounds like the OS where the GPS works, but not that the GPS has Android itself.

Capacitor apps work on Android devices, if you create an app for the phone and the phone has the GPS device linked it should get the coordinates from the linked device instead of the own, but you can’t create a standalone Capacitor app for GPS devices that don’t have Android as Capacitor requires Android.

Thanks for the reply. I just want to clarify that the device works with the Android 12 operating system. This is explicitly written in the specification of the device. Does this mean that the application I made with a capacitor will work without a problem?

Works with Android 12 devices or have Android 12 installed?

As I said, you can create an app for Android 12 devices with Capacitor and the app can connect to the GPS and on or any other device that is linked to your Android device using i.e. bluetooth, but your app needs to run on an Android device and the app will get the bluetooth device information. But you need an Android device to run the app.

Thank you very much. I understood you.