Ionic (ver.6) with Capacitor geoplugin does not work on Android ver.13 device, but works on Android ver.8

hi friends,
pls help me - I created mobile app in Ionic ver.6 framework (include Angular) and using Capacitor geolocation plugin.
Application works fine, but only on devices running on Android ver.8. If I install this to device with Android ver.13 (for example) got only empty home page - no content.

Installation process is on standard way - through “Google Play”:

install this app:

then open it:

application asks for using GPS position (approve it):

and then - empty home page:

instead of display info about GPS position and other meteo-data (received via REST API from Weather API) - no content.
The same steps for Android ver.8 device has this result:

For more detail:
build Ionic project with gradle ver.8, Capacitor is version 4.6.2, java version is 1.8.0_361 and in “Android Studio” have these SDK platforms:

and these SDK tools:

the whole build process was fine, without any error (or warning).

Thanks in advance.

Some articles on internet discussion recommend set parameter:
in “build.gradle” project file (respectively in “variables.gradle”), but:
setting in “variable.gradle” file doesn’t get positive result.