WKWebView: slight delay in tapping items


Hi All,

I’ve been testing with WKWebView for a couple of weeks - has anyone else noticed a slight delay in tapping items such as button ion-item’s?

It’s noticeable for me and annoying enough to delay moving.

Please if anyone else has come across this let me know.

Thank you

WKWebview v3.0.0

are you using (click) or (tap) ?
i had a similar experience using (tap) because angular was doing a lot of stuff during changedetection.


I’m using (click).

would (tap) offer a better experience in your opinion?


i had some troubles using (click) when scrolling - so when the user scrolled the content and “started” the scrolling on an clickable object the click event fired.
i think you simply have to give it a try :wink:


Hi Dominik,

good advice - i gave it a go and am not really that enamoured with the result. TBF the combination of (click) with regular UIWebView does have pretty awesome feedback so I’ll stick that that combo for now.

In the meantime I’ll keep my eye on WKWebView to see how it progresses - this is certainly not the end of the road for me with that tech, just not right now.

Thanks for your help.


Hi All,

A quick update. I have switched back to WkWebView after making a couple of changes.

  • My app makes use of lists a LOT with avatars. I have reduced the default amount of items retrieved from the DB from 50 to 25. This has removed some delay.

  • (SIGNIFICANT) I reduced the time it takes for the transition on iPhone from 500ms to 300ms. This has the impact of feeling really snappy. I’ve done a video on how to do this: