Windows Phone 8.1 - Performance and Build Issues

Hello there,

Lately I’ve been trying to port my app to Windows Phone 8.1 (as one plugin is just supported for 8.1), but I’m struggling with some issues:

  1. The app has a very poor performance when scrolling. All the workarounds that I found will disable the infinite scrolling which is important in the app.

  2. The icons will not display properly, some icons are displayed and others are not displayed at all.

  3. When I build the app using “ionic build windows” the generated .xap does not work. When lauching the app it will crash uppon start. Using Visual Studio I can manage to deploy it while debugging but it also won’t start if not in debug mode.

I managed to build the app for WP8 but the performance is way worse than when deploying for wp8.1

Any clues on how to fix this issues?

Thank you