Windows app not working

I am building Ionic 2 app for android,IOS and Windows.Everywhere its working fine but for Windows nothing is happening.

Its building and generating .appx file but when running in phone or emulater after launching nothing is happening.

Its throwing this error.

APPHOST9623: The app couldn’t resolve ms-appx-web:// because of this error: 80070057.

To add further .i am getting exception in browser_adapter.ts file.I have attached screenshot.

if you are using ‘use strict’ the javascript is evaluated a little bit different.

strict mode = ‘use strict’ at the beginning of a function/file
So you are not allowed to change an elements name programmatically.

@mhartington i do not know if this is an ionic issue?

Well I am not using use strict in any of my function.My project using Ionic 2 ,Angular 2 and Typescript.

Try adding
<preference name="windows-target-version" value="10.0" />
to your config.xml? Usually works for me.

@rahuliet2008 what version of windows are you targeting?

@webprofusion seems to be pointing you in the right direction. Ionic2 Windows support is only for windows 10.

Hi I have already added preference name=“windows-target-version” value=“10.0”

My intent is to use for window 10 only.


@rahuliet2008 did you find any resolution to it?

@rahuliet2008 maybe you managed to solve the problem? I have a similar issue and i could not get over it :frowning: