Will touchID work in a web app?

I’m planning out my web app. It will be used by users who use iPhones but it will be a web app that is run in a browser not one they can download from the app store. Does touchID work in a browser based app?


I’ve never seen a desktop monitor with a fingerprint scanner.

They will be using the browser on iphones not a desktop…

I am new to all this right now, but as far as I’ve understood, your answer might be PWA (Progressive Web Apps).

As far as I know Touch ID is not available in Safari directly.

Password managers like Lastpass, 1Password etc create Safari extensions that have to be installed, and the other available use case is Apple Pay - which of course can do whatever it wants.

So to answer you question: Not like you thought, maybe when users install some additional stuff (Safari extension) before.

Did you get a solution?
I want to do the same thing you were planning.