Capture fingerprint (bio-metric) on ionic

Hey everyone,I’m develop an ionic app , in app my requirement is capture finger print for person recognize. but i got an plugin for only ios, its not working in android device. please help to solve this Issue…

used plugin: cordova plugin add

Thanks in advance…

Hi there

TouchID is an Apple only technology introduce with the iPhone 5S. This plugin won’t work on android and doesn’t claim to.


Thanks for your reply …

Hey @rgillingham , I’m trying the touchid in ios but it shows an error .I’m using a code in my controller is

$cordovaTouchID.checkSupport().then(function() {
// success, TouchID supported
title: ‘success, TouchID supported’,
//template:‘From date’
}, function (error) {
//alert(error); // TouchID not supported
title: ‘TouchID not supported !’,
//template:‘From date’

Please help to solve the problem.


This won’t work from my point of view. The plugin referenced above is only for iOS. I got it to work properly on iOS, but on Android it will (even if correctly integrated) throw a “Class not found” exception…as the plugin is iOS only.

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