How to take finger print?

Hello sir,
I want to give security for users using finger print.

Is it possible to finger scranning in ionic?
Please Help me…

I haven’t tried it but:

And using ngCordova:

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I have used both! They both work a little different, but just make sure that you are in compliance with apples policies on using Touch ID which can be found in their docs. It’s such a great tool to have in your app!

Hello joseadrian,
Is it possible android and ios. i am using android. i want to sign in with finger print.when i use

.controller('SignInCtrl', function($scope,$cordovaTouchID, $state, $http, $rootScope, $ionicLoading, $timeout,$ionicPopup,$filter) {
$cordovaTouchID.checkSupport().then(function() {
    // success, TouchID supported
          title: 'success, TouchID supported',
          //template:'From date'
  }, function (error) {
    //alert(error); // TouchID not supported
          title: 'TouchID not supported !',
          //template:'From date'

My app does not open. it remain blank. My browser console show “This
site makes use of a SHA-1 Certificate; it’s recommended you use
certificates with signature algorithms that use hash functions stronger
than SHA-1”. . is there any code in index.html. could give me full example please…

Well… that plugin is for iOS, hence the name “touch id”. To be honest, I didn’t know modern smartphones with Android now have fingerprint sensor.

Read the docs. The official one says iOS and the ngCordova plugin page has the Apple logo only.

So… unfortunately you can’t do anything with that plugin for your platform. Sorry.

Hello joseadrian,

I have usb fingerprit scanner. Is it possible to catch finger print from fingerprint scanner to my app in android and ios?

Maybe it’s possible but I don’t know how. > Google

Hello, joseadrian, greetings, i think u find solution for Fingerprint access, can u please share www file, Advance regards…