Will the Ionic View app only load from an ionic directory?

I’m using the ionic framework with the Trigger.io framework. The ionic view app works fine when I’m loading a sample page from the www folder in the ionic directory, but I want to load the index from Trigger.io’s main directory. How can I configure ionic view app to load from the directory I want?

both trigger.io and ionic are for hybrid app development . There will be performance and mainly css isues if you try to use both framework. Better to use ionic . What you have said can be done you have to look into your grunt, gulp or javascript server what may be there you have to include this directory. But better use only one framework

Thanks so much for your reply.

Are trigger and ionic the exact same thing?
I’m under the impression that ionic is mainly a UI framework and trigger.io
is a build service.
I know I have the option to build with ionic, but I didn’t think that using
it for UI bounded you to using it for the build and packaging as well.

it is good for build and developing packages… explore ionic more

This is what it says on the first page of the documentation. The overview:

Ionic is focused mainly on the look and feel, and UI interaction of your
app. That means we aren’t a replacement for PhoneGap http://phonegap.com/ or
your favorite Javascript framework. Instead, Ionic simply fits in well with
these projects in order to simplify one big part of your app: the front end. We recommend reading Where does the Ionic Framework fit in? to get a good understanding of Ionic’s goals.

This is what the Where Does the Ionic Framework fit in blog says:

And when you are ready to push to the app stores, compile your app with PhoneGap or Cordova (or Trigger.io), and you have a native-feeling app that will run on the most popular of platforms.

so what does this mean? It seems that I am able to use Trigger.io for this.

you can compile with ionic also…

see this link for reference