Why nav title is left-align on iOS platform?

nav title is left-align on iOS platform run in chrome on mac

When you change the OS from Android to iOS (or iOS to Android) you need to refresh your browser for the correct CSS to take effect.

I did not change platform. I just create one blank template and ionic serve it.

Do you have Chrome Developer Tools open? If yes, do you have it set to display as a phone? If yes, you should see a drop down menu in the top left of your window which allows you to select which device you want to emulate, it typically defaults to Nexus 5X, you need to select an iOS device then refresh your page and it should display properly.

thanks, i will have a try

Did you add the -t option for platform?
ionic serve -t ios

And for android: ionic serve -t android

or for both ionic serve -l

@guoxuan Material Design is the new default for desktop web. If you want to get the iOS look instead then run ionic serve -t ios as @sveinla suggested . For all flags check out the ionic serve docs.

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thank you all