Left align ionic-title in the navbar?

I’ve been searching for hours but can’t seem to find (or make) a way to do this. My header is:

    <ion-title><h1><strong>Aftercare Inbox</strong></h1></ion-title>

It is center-aligned by default, and I’ve tried playing with align-title, padding, margins, anything I can think of, but nothing seems to move it. Any ideas?


without any changes on a clean project, it aligned to left.

For Material Design, the title will align left by default. If you set your default platform to iOS, you get a centered title. One way to override this is to add in a text modification directive:

so if you want left align regardless of the platform:

<ion-title text-left>
      Ionic Blank

Also, no need to add the <h1> or <strong> tags. Set the CSS of the <ion-title> in the scss file.

That doesn’t seem to be doing anything – I removed the h1 and strong tags, and all other styling on the header/nav, but the title is still centered on iOS. Any ideas why?

Well it does center it, just there is some padding that exists to save room for any icons you might have. You have to look carefully to spot it. :slight_smile:

One option would be to set the mode value on the toolbar like:

  <ion-toolbar mode="md">
    <ion-title >
      Ionic Blank

or change the padding values on the <ion-title> in the scss file:

    -webkit-padding-start: 0;
    padding-inline-start: 0;

but if you have any icons that might get messy.

Try this

<ion-title style=“text-align: left !important”><h1><strong>Aftercare Inbox</strong></h1></ion-title>

put this in yout global.scss or .scss of a specific page that you want the title to be left or centered:

for me I wanted it to be centered but without the default padding added by ionic so it can show the whole title. you can align it left and add padding to padding-inline-start instead of 0

.ios {
  ion-header {
    ion-title {
      padding-inline-start: 0;
      padding-inline-end: 0;
      text-align: center;

Good luck!

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