Why Ionic recreate the scroll?

All my friends come up to me and ask “Felquis, why Ionic recreate the scroll?” and my answer is:

Because there’s some differences between iOS and Android scroll events, then to be able to create features like infinite-scroll, pull to refresh they need to use another alternative to do the scroll correctly in both platforms.

Than they ask: “Cool, what kind of bugs is there between iOS and Android?”

I cant’ find any explanations on Ionic forum/issues/stack about this to share with my friends.

If is there some good information, with references I’d like to read.

(sorry if this is a duplicate question)

Less of an issue with bugs but events.

So scroll events have always been an issue with mobile


So we can’t do any thing great with that, like pull to refresh or infinite scroll.
That is why we went with a js -based scrolling solution.

But whats becoming evident is that js-scrolling is becoming problematic.
So we’ve decided to create a scroll-event polyfill and see if we can depreciate js-scrolling

Ummmm Nice!

The problem is with old iOS right, “OLD” because… this demo works fine on iOS 8 safari (actually AMAZING), but on iOS7.1 it just doesn’t work!

Seems like iOS8 is firing events as well as manipulating the DOM while scrolling (tested in emulator). (but I can’t find any release notes talking about what is different on iOS8 :confused: ) (I really like sources to link)

So we’ve decided to create a scroll-event polyfill and see if we can depreciate js-scrolling

Do you have any content/link/article about the approach you are working on? I’ll give a talk next Saturday, I’d like to give a fresh review about whats coming in the next Ionic releases.

I found this iOS7.1 to iOS8.0 diff, in the bottom has a Webkit (added), but I’m not sure what it means.

Right, so iOS7 doesn’t fire scroll events until after the scroll is done.

iOS8 handles scroll events correctly.

Nothing written down yet, just some brainstorming stuff at the moment.

Okay, thank you @mhartington