Iframe scroll problem on ios8 beta4


I would like to know how to handle iframe scroll , it seems not work. If any progress, please let me know.thanks a lot.


Could you try and see if the latest beta fixes this?

Also, please put up a jsbin demo or something similar to demonstrate the problem described


Thanks for yr reply. We are use beta11 version to build hybrid app on IOS 8. When we use iframe for load external content, we found the content couldn’t scroll on IOS 8. But on IOS 7, it does. How can i fix the problem or any solution? BTW, should i use iframe for loading extenal content?


We were solve scrolling problem, but seems can’t work when the content has been scroll. Please let me know how to fix it. Thanks a lot.


It seems touch event not work at iframe on IOS 8 beta and how can it work on IOS 7? Anyone can help me?


After we investigation, At ionic.bundle.js ,
we found tapDoc has different value on IOS7 and IOS8 . At IOS 7 , it return “error JSON.stringify()ing argument: TypeError: JSON.stringify cannot serialize cyclic structures.” but at IOS 8, it return wf_ionic[53144:1342952]. I think this may cause tab event different. Anyone has this problem?


I have the same problem in IOS 8 , the iframe doesn t scroll…anyone can help me? please


i have the same problem with android.