How to install the latest version for Ionic CLI 4

I have installed NodeJS 10.16.0 and have tried to install Ionic Cli via npm install ionic -g. When it’s done i check the version installed and it gave me 5.2.3.

How can I install the latest version of Ionic CLI 4?

I don’t know what would happen if I install Ionic CLI 5, what are the differences?

Thank you

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I think you may have been confused, Ionic CLI 5.2.3 is the latest, you use Ionic CLI to create “Ionic 4” project by running the command ionic start projectName --type=angular.

Here is the documentation about how to use Ionic Cli:

You can also type ionic --help to see other parameters.

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Thank you so much. because I want to work with Ionic 4 and the CLI version is 5.x.x so I thouth if there is a new version of ionic (maybe ionic 5) but ionic cli 5 has nothing to do with ionic 4 projects .