Ionic and Ionic CLI

Is Ionic Framework and Ionic ClI different?

I mean to say at present the latest version of Ionic Framework is 5 but when I type ionic -v it shows me 6.10.1, so What is it - Ionic framework 5 or Ionic CLI 6?

as you said typing ionic ... means interacting with the CLI so it prints out the CLI Version. The Ionic Framework is the frontend framework, if you want to know the version you are using currently, check the package.json or run ionic info inside the project :blush:

Yeah, Ionic Framework and Ionic CLI are different things.

Ionic CLI is the tooling that allows you to create new projects or use all the ionic commands in existing ones. This is @ionic/cli npm package and latest version is 6.12.1.

Ionic Framework is a set of UI components you can use to build your app. You can use Ionic Framework in conjunction of other web frameworks, such as React, Angular or Vue. Depending on the web framework you use, you’ll be using a different npm package, @ionic/angular, @ionic/react or @ionic/vue, or if not using any framework, then you can still use @ionic/core. Latest version of all of them is 5.4.3.